What happens when a writer and a tech guy fall in love over great food and wine? They get married and then six years later they start an ebook publishing company. At least that’s what happened for Jack and me. 

Our digital publishing venture, Hang Time Press was started in 2011 with the intention of focusing entirely on mini-cookbooks. Later we let a novel sneak in and after that a guide to where you can eat well—extremely well—before noon in Napa Valley.

As busy parents who also have daytime jobs, we’ve kept Hang Time Press small but we keep our plans for it big (someday, someday). Sign up to be on our mailing list and we’ll keep you posted on what we publish next.

About Lori Lyn Narlock
Lori’s love of reading and writing and her ability to cook merged together to form a career in marketing. Leveraging the opportunities in that field, she worked for Bon Appetit magazine before embarking down the freelance path that included commercial writing for wineries and editorial work for magazines. She has collaborated on and written more than a dozen food- and wine-focused books, including the “Cakebread Cellars Cookbook,” “Small Plates, Perfect Wines” and “Cocktail Food.” She is the author of three HTP books, “Summer Smoothies,” “Super Burgers,” and “Big Ranch Farms”. Today Lori divides her time between her daytime job as a fundraising manager and a writer and publisher by night.

About Jack Irby
Jack’s first career was music and he began it behind a saxophone in the renowned Disneyland band. A decade into it, an interest in business drew him away, eventually sending him in the direction of technology. A native of Southern California, he built and sold a consulting business before moving to Napa Valley where he led the technology component of winebid.com before providing data and technology consulting services to wineries. Today, Jack manages the operations of Hang Time Press and plays data expert for a prestigious Napa Valley winery.