Pantry Party Cover FINAL.jpg

We’ve all been there – an email, call, or text pops up about the birthday dinner tonight or the book club meeting tomorrow you promised to host. Nothing strikes panic quicker than impromptu entertaining. Fear not; the pantry is your solution.

This little collection of appetizers, main courses, and sweets are all designed to be prepared with ingredients you can keep on-hand in your pantry. Try the Antipasto Tart, the Chili Mango Noodles or the PB and J Cake bars—any and all will take you from nervous to host with the most. 

Wes Martin, an accomplished cook, has worked behind the scenes and on camera for such shows as The Martha Stewart Show, Rachael Ray Show, Five Ingredient Fix, 30 Minute Meals and Chocolate with Jacques Torres.


Mini Spicy White Bean Hummus Cups

“Empty the Pantry” Sesame Snack Mix

Asian Shrimp and Brown Rice Cakes with Curry Aioli

Chili-Mango Noodles

“Martini” Chicken

Antipasto Tart

Crunchy White Chocolate-Cherry Bonbons

P B and J Cake Bars

Coconut Candy Bar Mousse

Frozen Sweet Potato “Pie”